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Waxing Services for Men

We offer 2 types of waxes. Hard wax and soft wax to remove the finest to the shortest, most stubborn of hairs.

Our Hard Wax

Hard wax does not require strips to remove and does not stick to the skin. Which makes it less irritating and perfect to use on the face. Lycon brand of hard wax is warmed at low temperature, making it gentle yet effective.

Our Soft Wax

Soft wax is applied thin and removed with strips. This makes it ideal for quickly waxing larger areas such as arms, legs, and back without leaving a residue. Lycon brand of soft wax is warmed at low heat and is applied just above skin temperature, making it gentle yet effective.

Facial Services





Brow Design


Brow Clean Up


Neck Wax



Below the Belt Services


$70.00 All hair removed from top to your bottom.

Bum Cheek and Inbetween


Bum Cheeks

$32.00 Just hair on the cheeks – does not include the crack.

Between the Bum Cheeks


Body Services

Full Leg


Full Leg with Manzilian


Half Arm

$27.00 All hair from elbow to fingers.

Under Arm Wax


Full Arm Wax


Full Stomach

$25.00 All hair from bottom of pecs to waistline.

Full Chest


Full Back Combo

$47.00 Includes shoulders.


$42.00 Does not include upper arms.

Lower Back


Upper Back


*Applicable Taxes Apply

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Max Wax WaxBar Located Inside Puran Hair & Spa
1136 Center Street, Unit 6
Vaughan, ON L4J 3M8

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